Quality Audio, Video, Lighting, and Acoustic Treatment are a must for today's media environments. Whether education, sporting facilities, houses of worship, (etc.) the experience for which you are responsible deserves the greatest range and quality of expression available. Premier Media Integration will design, build, install, and service your system to best enhance your experience. The capability and reliability of our systems, along with our genuine concern for ultimate customer satisfaction, are proven by the depth and quality of our client list. We look forward to assisting you in making your environment more effective, involving, and exciting.


A fully functional presentation and performance space. With present yet controlled reverberation, this room provides both fantastic speech intelligibility and a desirable ambiance for music. Martin Hall is beautiful. Premier Media made it versatile. For performances, we equipped it with a full performance sound system, including an Allen and Heath QU-32, a Renkus Heinz Varia array, 4 Renkus Heinz PNX enclosures, 2 Tannoy VSX subs, and 2 permanent room microphones (for recording purposes). But we didn’t stop there. Equipped with 5.1 surround sound, Martin Hall is capable of the full cinema experience (minus the popcorn). Finally, we tied all of it together with an elegant and simple Aurora user interface. Entirely controllable from either the control room or the podium on the stage via touch screen, presenters can select audio and video inputs, stream from Apple TV, and show from Blu-ray.


At Martin Luther King Jr High School, we installed an 11,000-lumen Panasonic projector with a rear projection screen, allowing us to install the projector on the stage, behind the screen, protecting it from sight and stray basketballs. We also installed a touch control panel, creating convenient control over the projector, screen, and input.


Complimenting this building’s beautiful architecture was a must for our design of Oakland’s New Birth Church audio system upgrade. We installed the Reinkus Heinz speaker arrays with variable horizontal dispersion, drastically reducing reflected sound from the side and rear walls. This allows for a more defined sound and fewer feedback issues overall.


The main assembly hall at St. Matthew Lutheran Church emanates an open aesthetic. To preserve this dynamic while still providing top-quality video, we installed two projectors less than one foot from the ceiling, despite the center of the projection screens being several feet lower. The result is an environment with the benefits of hi-tech video and minimal visual intrusion.


Liholiho Yacht Club prides itself on its cuisine and atmosphere. As such, we sought to enhance their atmosphere with high-quality audio while attracting zero attention to the audio equipment itself. By mimicking the lighting in the dining area, we were able to blend the audio system into the existing decor at an optimum listening distance from the restaurant’s patrons.


The creative arts and design center at Menlo School received a technological facelift easier this year. Cutting-edge touchscreen displays and a building-wide integrated audio system are allowing students to learn at a faster pace with less restriction. As the affordability of these technologies increases, we are seeing more and more educational institutions take advantage of technical integration.


When was the last time you noticed an audio speaker at a ball field? Probably when it wasn’t doing its job. That’s why we choose Community. Excellent weatherproofing and a modest aesthetic ensure that it will do its job well while keeping all of the attention on the field.


Superior intelligibility for the space. The system also features a mobile A/V rack complete with wireless microphones, Blu-ray, and auto mixers for effortless high-quality presentations. The results are simply stunning. Gymnasiums are often known as highly reverberate spaces with low voice intelligibility. MAC is a pleasant exception.